What is SPARK?


Community Access

In a nutshell...Spark is a community project that seeks to strengthen the creative economy of the Northeast Kingdom by providing students, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with access to technology, resources, education, and each other.

 SPARK is an incubator space designed to provide resources of all kinds to inquisitive minds; be it students or teachers, young and old. SPARK is the culmination of efforts from many corners of the Northeast Kingdom and aims to address three main concerns: access to technology, education and economic development opportunities.


SPARK brings people of all ages and abilities together to collaborate and build upon innovations, expertise, community and wisdom. It enables individuals to gain competitive workforce skills and aid in building economic resilience throughout the region.


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SPARK, is a project of WonderArts VT and community members alike. We are proud to present Greensboro’s first creative innovator/business accelerator/community workspace/hub. Want to get involved? Have an idea? Great! We would love to hear from you! 

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Space, Services & Equipment

The Space

A fun, focused, and welcoming open work space dedicated to fostering community and connecting resources. It is a dynamic place to discover opportunities and spark creativity. Enjoy the space with access to classes, talks & meetups, computers, professional software, and advanced technology to help take you or your business to the next level. We are located in the bottom of the Greensboro United Church. Click here for directions!


Classes / Connectivity / CommunitY

We have the essentials (and more!) to get you started...

High-Speed Internet | Small Business Essentials | Accounting | Business Strategy | Marketing | Web development| Graphic Design | 3D Modeling for architecture, engineering, and design | 3D printing prototyping and small-run manufacturing | Meeting and Conference Room | Workshops | Meetups | Talks | Art Printing | Pop-up Events | Workspace | QuickBooks | Networks of Support | Peer Review | Camera Rental | Product Photography | Clean work space | Ping-Pong Table | Self-serve Coffee & Tea Bar


equipment & Software

A full list of equipment is available for your personal or business needs.

Nate of Flipped Vermont applying vinyl cut at Spark to his car!

Nate of Flipped Vermont applying vinyl cut at Spark to his car!

Business photocopier and printer

Large-format professional printer

Vinyl Graphics Cutter

Professional 3D Printer

Computers (creative station iMacs, workstation Windows laptops, and iPads)

HD Projector

Professional Studio Photography Equipment (Canon)  

Adobe CC | OnShape | SolidWorks | Fusion 360 | Blender | SketchUp |Microsoft Office


To connect and empower individuals and

organizations in the NEK



To connect people, businesses, and resources through a community-driven hub. Spark will be an open and welcoming collaborative work space and learning environment that provides access to learning opportunities, high-tech equipment, and technology.

  • Bring community members, entrepreneurs, and businesses together in a fun, focused, and dynamic space to spark ideas.

  • Creating a space where individuals and organizations can benefit from having access to high-tech equipment and design software, and business services.

  • Support and grow the local economy by providing and connecting key community resources.

  • Provide workforce development and resilience through meetups, talks, classes, workshops, and training.

  • Engage students through internships, programs, education, and connections to professionals in the community.



    Interested in supporting SPARK?

    Contact ceilidh@WonderArtsVT.org